10 essential accessories for the beach

The 10 Essential Accessories for the beach

In this topic we discuss about what accessories needed for the beach. The beach is a place very appreciated by children and a source of new discoveries and fun games that leave them with unforgettable memories! However, it can also be dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions. We immediately think of the risk of drowning, but it is not the only danger to fear.

By following our advice, with a little vigilance and by applying a few simple rules, you can reduce the risks and go to the beach with peace of mind.

A Beach Tent

The 10 Essential Accessories for the beach 1

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To prevent your naps and picnics at the beach from becoming sunstroke, this camping tent will be very useful for you.

Easy to transport and set up, this tent can accommodate up to people, will protect you and your children from the sun thanks to its anti UV fabric


A Beach Blanket

The 10 Essential Accessories for the beach 2

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The practical advantage of summer is this beach towel, protective cover. This will be as useful for your picnics at the beach as during your hikes.

Its material allows the quick and easy evacuation of grains of sand and soil that can annoy you, as well as quick drying.


A Beach Mattress

The 10 Essential Accessories for the beach 3

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You have had enough of your beach mattress cluttering you up… that is great! We have found THE mattress for you.

Even with its dimensions of 60 cm x 170 cm, once folded it takes up no more space than a beach towel. Composed of thirty foam tubes and a waterproof fabric, it will bring you comfort in any event.


A Microfibre Towel

accessories for the beach

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Say goodbye to wet, smelly towels! This microfiber towel dries in a few minutes and above all, compact and light, it is the ideal accessory to follow you to the beach.

Microfiber fabric absorbs 7 to 9 times its weight in moisture.quick-drying fabric has an excellent performance in water absorption and diffusion.


A Small Cooler

accessories for the beach

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The days in the sun wouldn’t be bearable if we couldn’t quench our thirst. You will therefore need to bring this blue cooler, which thanks to its ice cream bars will allow.

you to take your drinks and picnics while keeping them cool for 8 to 12 hours.


A Foldable Cooler Bag

accessories for the beach

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Summer is the best season for family picnics, parks, the beach and the pool, but between meals, afternoon tea and drinks, it’s hard to keep everything cool …

This is why we have found this extra large cooler bag, which will protect your food from heat and insects throughout the day.


A Lounge Chair

The 10 Essential Accessories for the beach 4

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Basking the pill in the sun is nice, but what is less so are the thousands of grains of sand that stick to the skin…

For this you will need this super lounge chair equipped with an adjustable sun visor. With an adjustable backrest in 5 different positions, it is easy to transport thanks to its handles… So don’t wait!


Bathing Shoes

The 10 Essential Accessories for the beach 5

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This is optional, but on beaches with stones or shells, it is more than essential. A few days ago, I was on Bird Island and I made a nice cut under my heel because of an oyster shell!

So, plan shoes that go in the water, jellyfish type for your baby, this will save you a lot of worries.


Waterproof Protective Shell

The 10 Essential Accessories for the beach 6

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Do not take any more risk with this waterproof cover, you will be able to continue using your smartphone even in water. In addition, the quality of the lens of the phone is preserved.

Universal waterproof phone case dry bag fits most smartphones up to 6.8″. Clear Window on both front and back sides


An Inflatable Lounge Chair

The 10 Essential Accessories for the beach 7

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With this robust and comfortable inflatable lounge chair, let yourself be lulled by the waves and discover a new way to enjoy the sea.

Its covered with Nylon fabric inflatable lounge chair with head, arm, and foot rests.

Questioning about Beach Accessories!

Which bath towel to favor for beach days?

If you are used to frequenting the beaches, you will surely take with you several towels  : a large one to lie down and a smaller one to dry yourself.

Amazon offers a wide variety of classic beach towels, but you can also try the Elite Trend .
The Elite Trend are available in several colors and materials and in different designs. Larger than a traditional beach towel , but lighter and more compact, a Elite Trend dries quickly and can also be used for covering

Which sandals to take in your bag?

Once on the beach, you will probably take off your city shoes to put on a pair of sandals to protect your feet from hot sand, sharp stones and sanitary floors. If you’re looking for new flip flops, sandals or water slippers, take a look at the Some Sandal collection.

In note these accessories needs you when you come to beach for picnic or any other family vocation. In this article we discuss about 10 common accessories for the beach.