Discover here the best brands of sunglasses Prada cat eye sunglasses. In this post we are going to talk about the best brands of sunglasses, with a selection of the most recommended brands in optics so you can decide well before buying your new sunglasses online at the best price for both men and women.

we’re here to talk about prada best women’s sunglasses. We will tell you about products prada best women’s sunglasses. They are just a powerhouse for fashion and we am super excited because we reveal some got great frames. So, let’s start of best prada favourite sunglasses.

We would be very little considered if, after proposing an interesting list of sunglasses for men, we did not do the same with those for women, right? That’s right, they not only deserve to wear them just as well, but they also have a wide range to choose from.

It is important that we understand the need for good glasses in winter, since ultraviolet rays are present throughout every day of the year and these are the ones that can generate serious injuries in this fragile part of our face. What’s more, on snowy days the use of glasses is essential since the sun’s rays that are projected on it can cause more direct and stronger injuries.

The eyes have always been one of the parts of our body that we have to care for and protect the most. For this reason we have to be aware of choosing the best option of glasses and use them not only in the summer months, but in all seasons of the year.

Right now we can find thousands of brands in the market that have a very extensive catalog of glasses, but the key is to find the best brands of sunglasses for each person and for each personal situation. You may be more interested in quality, aesthetics, or even price, and that is why more and more multinationals are launching into the eyewear market, thus offering numerous competent options.

Next, we will try to explain more on this question and we will show you which the best sunglasses brands are today. In this post we will delve into the history of the brands, in their main characteristics, and we will mention the most famous and most purchased models.

We have made the choice of the best sunglasses taking into account the opinions of the opticians and the comments of Amazon customers. You can also buy online from here with all the guarantees of Amazon and with the best prices and offers in real time.

About Prada

Prada gives name to a well-known Italian brand that was created in 1913 by Mario Prada. Under the command of the creator’s granddaughter, the brand took a radical turn and what was a small, local company became a multinational fashion house. Initially the house was dedicated to the design and production of trunks, bags, suitcases, shoes in Milan stores, and later began to investigate other products of interest such as Prada’s sought-after sunglasses.

As you can see on their online sales website, they put quality as a starting point at all times. They also affirm their constant interest in innovation, tradition, research, materials and impeccable manufacturing. They are elegant, sophisticated, and refined, and have always been distinguished by their strong identity and name and their persistent style. They are one of the best sunglasses brands due to their design.

One of the latest glasses that Prada has released is the Prada PR23SS CINEMA. These glasses claim to be a complete spectacle for those who choose them. If you are looking for the newest in round and double metal bridge sunglasses this is a good option, in addition to being the most glamorous and luxurious. Prada sunglasses have always been the most prestigious on the market and the most used by celebrities for years. This model will not take long to launch and be one of the most used this summer.

Prada PR53ss Sunglasses

Prada cat eye sunglasses

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Here it is the five 53s so 53s it’s has the acetate front with the acetate temple tip. And then metal temples with nose pads also. So plastic for those pads and it’s got a little metal on the top as well. The shape is just perfect and everybody can love that as it looks so good. And they have a bunch of great colors, a really classic combination of the golden black but there’s some really fun. Color combinations as well if you need something a little more spunky than traditional black.

Prada Pr 09XS Sunglasses

Prada cat eye sunglasses

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But you just can’t go wrong with that color combination so another plastic. This not only has a little bit of metal on the top sides. Obviously the plastic is not of bad material as it is from the best and expensive companies in the world. It has very classic and slight gradient. It seems the lens to slightly more transparent from the bottom. Really pretty subtle but still fashionable as well and everybody can love the feel. It has also the beautiful Prada symbol on the temple as well.

Prada 16Rs Sunglasses

Best Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses in 2020 1

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So 16Rs are a little chunkier more geometric. This is a really more like artistic piece that seems a little much. We think it’s definitely more of a statement CNU. So if you’re wanting something a little more bold I think this could add a lot to an outfit. If you had something really simple it could be like your statement piece. The shades are also all black.

Prada pr 16us Sunglasses

Best Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses in 2020 2

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The colors on this are just loveable also here we’ve still got kind of a geometric shape. It’s got a little bit more of a cute coloring from the inside. That blue detailing so it’s really more for the wearer to get that detail if you get a side. from seeing a little bit of the blue. But I just think this is such a sweet pair from the details of the coloring. To how it feels it’s really comfortable. This is actually when you turn your head, we can see a little bit of this tortoise with the blue. So that was actually a cool extra detail.

Prada Pr 04vs Sunglasses

Best Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses in 2020 3

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And then lastly we have this awesome frame it’s described as a blade. We can say that but this one is way more wearable. It has super thin blades and it has something that everybody definitely could see more easily. Depends on a day-to-day basis. So, at this we can see that thin trendy look but it gives you a little more coverage though for some protection on your face. Which is one of the most important parts about sunglasses fashion and safety.

So we shared some great selection here, if you guys have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comments down below. We love hearing from you.

Gran Optics cat Eye Sunglasses

Best Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses in 2020 4

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Cat eye sunglasses are undoubtedly the model of the season. The ‘cat’s eye’ silhouette has returned with force flooding the high-end firms and also the low cost. The Last Lolita model from Australian firm Le Specs is reasonably priced and has become a favorite with celebrities like Gigi Hadid or Dua Lipa. It is part of a collection in collaboration with designer Adam Selman and is available in various colors.

Michael Kors Evy cat eye glasses

Best Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses in 2020 5

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The New York designer’s signature bets on this model for cat-eye glasses. Its metal frame has die cuts, wanting to give the impression of small lace. A series of elements that, taken together, give these sunglasses an ultra-feminine appearance.


Best Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses in 2020 6

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In this model of the fashion brand founded by Prada in the 90s, the tortoiseshell frame is striking. The Noir Evolution transmits a style that transports you directly to the glamor of Hollywood in the 50s.

What are polarized sunglasses? The secret is in its tinted lenses

It is a base sun lens to which a special sheet is added that only blocks the light that comes in a certain direction. The usual thing is that in the case of sunglasses they are vertically polarized, so that it will fundamentally block the light that comes horizontally.

Based on the fact that the sunlight itself is not polarized (it vibrates in all directions), the glasses cannot simply block it, but what happens is that when that light is reflected on a horizontal surface (the road; especially if it is wet, water, a glass, etc…) then the lens does block it. When using   polarized sunglasses, the glare produced by the sun reflected on the surface is dramatically reduced and improves vision. They are made for both neutral and prescription sunglasses.

What are the advantages of polarized sunglasses?

The sunglasses polarized  are especially interesting for certain types of activities outdoors as driving, fishing,  water sports and snow,  but we also benefit in many other situations. It can also be seen that the shaded areas do not darken as much as with “normal” sunglasses, so when you go through shaded areas or even tunnels, the vision you get is better.

This effect also means that we can see well if we look at the bottom of a river on a bright day because it takes away the reflection that the water gives us. To such an extent does this occur that in fishing competitions the use of polarized glasses is strictly prohibited, since they would give a considerable advantage over the rest of the participants by being able to see the bottom fish much better?

As a curiosity I will also comment that polarized lenses (not sunglasses) are also used in three-dimensional films using sheets positioned in different directions in both eyes. Some of the light reflected from the screen is polarized vertically while some is polarized horizontally. This means that each of the lenses will filter one type of wave and not the others, resulting in a 3-dimensional feel if the film is projected in that format. The viewer’s brain takes both images and combines them to create a realistic sense of depth.

Today there are already polarized filters of different degrees on the market, so you can choose more or less protection depending on the use and combine all this with filters and anti-reflective treatments.

Disadvantages of polarized sunglasses

In my opinion they are very few but you have to keep them in mind. We must bear in mind that the polarized lenses of sunglasses do not offer protection for all glare. If the user tilts his head more than 45 degrees, some horizontal light reflections may enter and cause some bright spots. Some users who wear polarized lenses on their sunglasses in snowy areas notice that they lose some contrast between the snows.

This same problem can happen when using polarized glasses and devices with LCD screens (computers, browsers, mobile phones) since they can distort the images in certain viewing positions and even the screens can be very dark.

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