Beach Wagons

How to choose the best beach wagons

When it comes to these cars, the resistance of their materials is one of the most important factors, since it is what will define how long they can last and take your things to the beach without problems.

On the other hand, it is convenient to study some of the most outstanding factors of these accessories, before moving on to what an excellent quality model should have, therefore, let’s see a list of things you can take into account to choose the best one.


As for the price, these cars also have a range of options starting with the most affordable models that are usually between € 20 and € 30, likewise, it is possible to get more expensive carts with larger sizes or benefits, which They can go from € 50 and get to spend 100 euros, but take into account that in this type of car you can carry many more things.


As we have previously commented in the article, the durability of these transport carts is given by the quality of their materials. If we choose a rigid plastic trolley , we will have the guarantee that these will last much longer than those made of fabrics or other textile or synthetic materials.

Similarly, keep in mind that there are also carts made of materials that are stronger than plastic, such as steel or aluminum, but these can be more expensive than the former.


Now, if we talk about portability, this becomes a key factor when choosing a beach car, why? Well, because what we are looking for with this accessory is to make our lives easier and to be able to carry all our belongings in one place, which is convenient if you have a large family.

Also think that the multipurpose cart should be carried from one place to another, so a folding cart that you can easily store in your car is recommended and it is also important to take into account the empty weight and once loaded, this will help you know how easy it will be to move it with all your stuff inside.


A beach car, by itself, is extremely useful, but these can also bring a series of accessories that make it even more functional. Different brands in the market have dedicated themselves to designing models that have accessories such as cup holders, umbrella supports, coolers included or support to carry it in the event of having one.

Similarly, it is possible to get beach carts that also have compartments for your mobile phone, towels, mats or any other belongings that you want to protect from sand or water.


Carts made for the beach have the particularity of having wheels that are suitable for different terrains, after all, they are designed to be able to cross the sand without any problems.


The key when choosing a beach car is to get a resistant material that is durable enough to cope with elements such as water and sand, in addition to the use you will give it. In this case, plastic is one of the most outstanding, although models made of fabric and featuring a steel structure also stand out.

Those made of textile materials need some type of waterproof coating, in addition to being breathable so that the sand does not stick to its exterior, or among your things.


Beach carts, as we know, can be found with different characteristics and some stand out from the rest for providing excellent quality. Good wheels, a sturdy structure and enough space for your things are one of the essential factors to look for in one of these useful accessories.

Now, let’s get to know each of these features in detail so that you can buy a model that meets your needs.


A poor quality structure in the design of the beach trolley can make its durability poor, breaking with a few uses or adding a little more weight inside.

For this reason, it is convenient to choose a trolley that has a solid structure, preferably in materials such as metal, aluminum or stainless steel. In any case, these materials must have a coating that makes them resistant to abrasion.


Nobody wants to have to carry a beach trolley that is too heavy, if you are looking for something with this accessory, it is rather to reduce the weight of all your things in order to transport them comfortably.

When it comes to these cars, the light will always be the best, as they are easier to fold and maneuver, so it is worth considering a model that can move without problems, thanks to the fact that it does not weigh a ton.


The wheels of these cars can vary depending on the model in question. It is recommended that they be wide wheels that can pass through sandy surfaces without problems, since thinner tires could end up getting stuck.


Another point where you have to stop before choosing is how difficult it will be to assemble these cars, because the ideal is not to spend hours and hours trying to make it work. For this reason, choose models that with just a series of simple steps you can start using.

Beach wagons types

All beach carts are super useful when it comes to carrying things, but not only is there a default type, but there are several designs to choose from.

For starters, there are the taller, two-wheeled carts, which are generally used to carry beach chairs. These have thinner wheels, so their passage through the sand can be complicated, but in the same way you will find models with wider tires that allow you to take it anywhere, without the terrain being a problem.

On the other hand, you can also find beach carts that are open, have longer structures and are usually closer to the ground, so you will have better accessibility to your things when you want it.