In this article we analysis about 7 Best Beach Chairs Australia.  When you go to the beach, it is not only to enjoy the sea. Besides, we even sometimes never set foot there. What interests us most is to enjoy the sun with the smell of the marine world. However, some people do not like to throw themselves into the sand.


We will give you in this comparison the best we could find on the basis of several criteria including mainly customer satisfaction. That said, what appeals to some may displease others.

Above all, trust your gut. It is not because it is a chair that you only go out to the beach that you are not entitled to have style. So always choose a model that is pleasing to you and that you will not get bored quickly. A beach chair can accompany you for a very long time.

Also think of the materials that make up the chair. The latter must be extremely resistant since nothing but sand can damage anything incredibly. See already how it works on your beach towel which quickly loses its colors and becomes quite bland at the end of the sea season. That said, they must also be pleasant to the touch and gentle enough for your skin which will be in direct contact with.

Sun loungers are more than just a way to stay away from the sand. They are an integral part of the beach experience. A large beach chair is comfortable, durable, functional, stylish, light enough to carry from the car to the beach and may even have an umbrella to keep the sun from turning into toast. They hold our drinks, rock us back and let us catch our breath before setting off again for the waves.

Finally, as we speak of a folding best beach chairs Australia, think about the solidity of the structure. The folding mechanism must be both fluid and very robust so as not to yield to the weight of the person seated on it as long as the maximum load is not exceeded.

The 7 Best Beach Chairs Australia

Sport-Brella reclining beach chair

For those who want their beach chair to transform into a parasol while offering all the comfort of a first-class lounge chair, the Sport-Brella is there to answer the call. It is a legitimately comfortable piece of sand that will make you reconsider what you expect from lounge chairs in the future. It has a built-in zipped pocket on the front, another side pocket that can hold up to 4 standard size drinks and a built-in bottle opener for you to enjoy these drinks.

Best Beach Chairs Australia

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The Sport-Brella can accommodate boys and girls weighing up to 250 pounds, although it weighs only 13 pounds itself. It also comes with an attractive carrying bag for you to sling and aileron. There is also a removable footrest that lifts your feet and completes the image of relaxation. Just make sure you have plenty of sunscreen on these feet because this beach chair with the umbrella won’t be able to shade them.

Speaking of this umbrella …. it is treated with UV SPF 50 protection to give your skin the extra coverage it needs when the sun goes down. There is a 3-way swivel so you can bring the umbrella to where you are when the sun is moving in the sky. And the tips of the thorns have safety tips so that no one can keep an eye out for them. We have seen critics complain that the Sport-Brella is too good. It’s absurd. There is nothing superfluous and everything has been well thought out from an ergonomic point of view. If you are looking for a versatile beach lounge chair at a great price, you really can’t go wrong with the Sport-Brella Recliner lounge chair.

Terralite portable beach chair

When it comes to the Terralite Portable Camp Chair, the keyword is “portable”. The whole design emphasis here is on compatibility. As such, the chair is ultra-light at just 2 1/2 pounds and breaks down into a 6 x 16 x 6 inch trim. It is one of the few existing camping chairs that you can even consider wearing in the deep woods or at the top of the mountain.

The 7 Best Beach Chairs Australia 1

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When you finally decide to install it, the Terragrip will take care of everything under your feet. It has easy to put on and take off feet which prevent the chair from sinking even in the softest sand. This is a great advantage over many other beach chairs that often wind up 6 or 8 inches down before they stop flowing. The chair frame is made of aircraft grade 7075 aluminum which will support up to 350 pounds and which has just a little flexibility to improve comfort. The fabric seat may not seem to be holding 350 pounds, but it’s 600D ripstop nylon and it won’t wobble.

The Terralite installs in less than 10 seconds so you can slip it out of its pocket and install it without delay. And the Terragrip legs with their wide profile prevent the chair from imitating quicksand when you sit down. If there is a downside to the chair, it is that there is no umbrella, which partly explains why it is so light. But if you have enough sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat, who needs an umbrella? In the end, although you can buy the Terralite for the beach, you will end up taking this high chair to the park, the music festival and your bike weekend too. It’s also light and versatile.

Rio Beach – Lace Up Beach Chair

Rio Beach goes old-fashioned with the design of its folding laced suspension beach chair and brand new school with materials, ergonomics and portability. It is an elegant and very comfortable beach chair that rocks you from the moment you sit down. The frame of the Lace-up is moderately flexible to that of the robust 600D polyester but easy to wear on the skin which wraps around you in a very comfortable way.

The 7 Best Beach Chairs Australia 2

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The frame is made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum that has been treated against rust to prevent it from falling apart due to moisture from the shore. The seat back has 4 different recline positions so you can do it all, from watching kids to closing your eyes. There is also a built-in pillow at the top of the backrest which really increases comfort. Add to that an integrated drink holder as well as a large storage pocket for magazines, first aid, sandwiches or others.

When it’s time to go, just fold the lace-up up and put it on your shoulders like a backpack. Since the chair weighs only 8 pounds, it’s easy to transport long distances between the car and your favorite secret spot on the beach. The arms are wide and firm, it can accommodate up to 240 pounds and it is built to stand the test of time. When you add the attractive price, the cake becomes our best value for money.

Rio Beach Classic Folding flat beach chair

With the 5 Position Lay Flat Rio Beach the question “If it is not broken, why fix it?” You will recognize the drawing. In fact, your grandparents will recognize the drawing. These are the proven high back reclining beach chairs that have been introduced in the 21st century with only a few modifications. Like the waterproofing of the frame, the marine grade coating on the hardwood arms and the padded straps which make transport as easy as a pie.

The 7 Best Beach Chairs Australia 3

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This is the best thing about growing beach chairs. It even includes a function that prevents pinching when the armrests are folded up. A nice touch. Another nice touch is the integrated towel bar at the top of the backrest. It’s pretty and deep and keeps the wet towel away from your head. Nylon 600D is extremely resistant and does not waver below 250 pounds. As with all such high backs, it sits low on the ground, just 8 1/2 inches above the sand, with an ideal plant.

There is a support that locks the backrest in place and prevents it from bending or tipping over while you sit on it, no matter how much you lean back. And with stopping stitching all the way around the fabric, you won’t be hurt, no matter how many trips you make to the beach. The straps we mentioned above are well padded and fully adjustable so that at the end of a long day of tiring surfing, you can just put the chair on your back and not worry about it. It’s great to put it in front of your beach tent and enjoy the view of the water.

KingCamp Best Beach Chairs Australia

The innovative design, the small transport profile and the affordable price of the KingCamp Low Sling beach chair make it a winning beach chair both from a functional and financial point of view. But it’s not only light and easy to install. It’s comfortable because everyone goes out as well. With a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 300 pounds and sturdy “feet” that keep those 300 pounds from disappearing in the sand, it’s as practical as it is comfortable.

The 7 Best Beach Chairs Australia 4

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The KingCamp has designed the Low Sling harness to fold inward toward the center. This allows it to fit in an elegant carrying bag that can be thrown over the shoulder for transport to and from the car. Besides, you can just as easily put it on your back and take your bike to the beach. There is no need for assembly, you do not need to walk around with a stuffed chair under your arm and because the low down harness switches the scale to 6 pounds 10 ounces, it will not tire you, even if the beach is a mile from where you are parked.

From a comfort standpoint, you can look at the Low Sling and think there isn’t much. But you shouldn’t judge this book by its cover. The fact that it does not sink into the sand is enormous. The ventilated seat cover allows you to stay cool all day while minimizing weight and the padded armrests are an unexpected and much appreciated addition. If there is a downside here, it is that it is not a beach chair with the umbrella, so you will need to invest in many sunscreens. And the drink holder seems to be an afterthought. You can combine it with a camping table from our list and fully enjoy the outdoors.

STRONGBACK Low gravity beach chair

The Strongback Beach Chair is designed to help you keep your back aligned, even when you are lying on the sand. It is characterized by exceptional lumbar support thanks to the convex shape of the right part. Even after hours of hanging around on the playa, you will still get up from the Strongback feeling good and not having to do 20 minutes of stretching to try to get your back into proper alignment.

The 7 Best Beach Chairs Australia 5

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The Strongback is another low profile folding beach chair, foldable inwards, well constructed, light and resistant. Like the Low Sling and the Utopia before it, it folds in on itself and slips easily into its practical carrying bag. While it will cost you more than other interior backrests, the lumbar support it offers with its extra-wide legs, extra-large saddle and exceptional look makes it easy to justify the extra money.

Most people do not worry much about their posture when they are at the beach. But maybe they should. Many beach chairs inadvertently promote a curved back which causes disc compression in the lumbar region in an unnatural way which can lead to problems along the way. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice your back for a day at the beach. The Strongback will help you get out of your fun in the sun with your back intact. Whether this prospect is worth it or not, it is a call that only you can make.

Cascade Mountain Tech Compact Folding Chair

Cascade Mountain Tech throws its hat into the foldable ring of a beach chair and finds a winner. It may be a cliché to say that this generation of folding beach chairs are all alike, but it’s still a valid observation. This means that each chair must have its own way of separating from the field. In the case of the Cascade Mountain Tech folding chair, this procedure consists of bringing together some of the best features of the other chairs.

The 7 Best Beach Chairs Australia 6

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These best features include a ventilated seat that reduces weight and allows cooling breezes to wick sweat from your back. A sturdy but lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame, powder-coated, with stainless steel screws that won’t rust due to the high humidity of the beach environment, a nice carrying bag and nice wide flat feet that prevent the chair from burying itself in the sand.

This lightweight best beach chairs Australia holds up to 250 pounds, is a little wider than some competitors’ 20 inch chairs and weighs 6 and a half pounds and is very handy. There is no assembly required but alas, there is also no cup holder. What we find a bit boring. The chair is very comfortable, although if you push the 250-pound limit, you can find your back in contact with the structural support behind the seat back.

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