Best Sand Free Beach Towel

What is the best beach towels for sand. The choice of a beach towel is not so trivial. Its selection is conditioned by your uses and needs. You will for example have to observe its size according to your desires. The large towel measures approximately 100 * 175 when that of children displays a size around 85 * 160. The more space you have in your suitcases, the more you can afford to take a large beach towel. For two people, choose a towel of 140 * 200 approximately.

Next comes the choice of material. 100% cotton is recommended because it is as pleasant to the touch as it is to wipe. But be aware, cotton retains the sand which is not very pleasant. To overcome this problem, opt for a waterproof anti-sand beach towel. The microfiber towel is ideal if you have a small suitcase. Light, it takes up very little space. Finally, purely aesthetic criterion, color and patterns are still important.

Microfiber Fit-Flip Towel

Best Beach Towels for Sand

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For all those who love softness and lightness, this model is made for you. Here you will therefore have the choice of size and color but you will also have the possibility to choose if you want a set of two or if you prefer to take them individually.


  • Material: Microfiber (80% polyester / 20% polyamide)
  • Brand: Fit-Flip
  • Size: 8 sizes available
  • Color: 12 possible colors (including 6 with pattern)
  • Guarantee: 100 days to change your mind and be reimbursed

Amazon Basics Cotton Beach Towel

Best Beach Towels for Sand

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This towel will be perfect to accompany you during your days, whether by the pool or at the beach. Very pleasant to the touch, it will perfectly create a comfortable base for lying down. In addition, it is easy to machine and tumble dry. If necessary, you have the possibility of ordering it in a set of two.


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Size: 152 x 76 cm
  • Color: blue white or green white striped
  • Weight: 540 gr

Microfiber Dock & Bay Beach Towel

Best Sand Free Beach Towel 1

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This very colorful towel is made of a microfiber which offers the possibility of storing the towel very easily. But its storage will not be its only asset since its material allows it not to store sand in the fibers, so very practical at the beach. In addition, it dries quickly and its feel is pleasant.


  • Material: Microfiber (80% polyester / 20% polyamide)
  • Brand: Dock & Bay
  • Size: Multitude
  • Color: 14 colors for large and extra large 6 colors for round
  • Weight: extra large 495 gr, wide 363 gr, round 860 gr

Microfiber Beach Towel

Best Sand Free Beach Towel 2

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In short: This microfiber towel will save you a lot of space when preparing your bag. Once folded regardless of the size chosen, it will be forgotten in your business. Whether you want a beach towel or a sports towel, it will greatly satisfy you. It dries quickly so that you always have a dry and transportable towel for your bag.


  • Material: Microfiber (80% polyester / 20% polyamide)
  • Brand: ZOEGATE
  • Size: 3
  • Color: pink, blue

Velvet Beach Towel

Best Beach Towels for Sand

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In brief: To sunbathe comfortably at the pool or at the beach, or to fully wrap yourself up after coming out of a little cool water at the start of summer. Indeed it has very generous dimensions which will allow you to be fully protected. It offers a very pleasant velvet side to relax and relax and a terry face to wipe you efficiently but always with a feeling of softness.


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Brand: So My Home
  • Size: 100 x 200 cm
  • Color: 15 different colors
  • Weight: 762 gr

Beach Towel Buying Guide

Here we have just offered you a selection of towels for this summer but faced with the many possibilities of purchase we will offer you some tips to choose yours without breaking the bank.

Define your needs

Before you throw yourself headlong into compulsive shopping for the holidays, it would be good to know exactly what you want from your towel.

In fact, you will not have the same needs if you have decided to take a lazy or sporty vacation. best beach towels for sand

If you are planning a sports vacation or a road trip for example the most important will be a towel that is easy to store and transport.

If on the contrary the goal of your vacation is relaxation by the pool or at the sea design and comfort will be the key words.

The different materials

No more rough materials, today most towels are meant to be soft and fluffy, which is why several materials are available to you: let’s see the different possibilities.

Cotton: This is the most common material in towels, well absorbent, soft and fluffy, it offers a certain comfort, however it takes up space in luggage.

Microfiber: very popular with athletes, it is very absorbent and very pleasant to the touch, it dries quickly and stores very easily, however it is very fine so depending on your use it can be uncomfortable.

Bamboo: it is a material generally mixed with cotton, very absorbent yet it takes a long time to dry.

Soy: ecological material it is very absorbent and dries easily that said the big difference is generally made on the price.

The dimensions

For your beach towel there is a whole range of sizes more or less according to your needs indeed if you are small, or in family the sizes will be different but we can already say that:

The rounds: New trends of these are very practical for families at the beach, they take up a lot of space and not always easy to place in the summer on a crowded beach

Small formats (less than 100 cm x 50 cm or even with a width of up to 80 cm): practical for athletes or to wipe their hair, or for children just out of the water, however if not, hope to lie down there to sunbathe. best beach towels for sand

The intermediate format (generally 120 x 60cm up to 150 x 80 cm): these are the most frequently seen models on the beaches, that said although you are comfortable body parts will exceed. best beach towels for sand

Large formats (between 180x 60 to 200 × 100): these are models that completely envelop you, very pleasant for families, for two or for maximum comfort, however they take up more space. Above article best beach towels for sand is detailed described.


We can say, but although it is not an absolute selection criterion, it nevertheless retains its importance. In summer on the beaches, we prefer bright and dynamic colors if possible, with fun and friendly patterns. Indeed, the design of your towel for your morale should clearly invite to escape and vacation.


Now you just have to choose your model and get ready for a summer full of relaxation or sport.

And don’t forget to make the most of these pleasant months for your morale and your health.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to fold a beach towel? How to make a beach towel bag?

For the first question, the gestures to perform are simple. We start to take the two ends of the canvas and we fold the accessory in half. We start again with the two newly formed edges and we arrive at a square or rectangular shape. It is placed flat so that it does not crease.

As for the second question, we start to take the tools necessary for making: a piece of fabric, string and a closure. The laundry is cut according to the shape of the bag. We do not forget to bring a wire with a thickness of 6 cm and a length of 50 cm to form the straps. We sew the edges on 1 cm on each side and we obtain a rod 4 cm wide. The fabric is cut according to the shape and dimensions of the bag. We add a closure on the top and the straps on each side.

Q2: Round beach towel, why do?

The designers plan to increase the added value of their products by increasing their practicality and versatility. Thus, they do not hesitate to bring innovation to their offers. This is why we find this type of accessory on the market. This contains several major advantages. And we appreciate it for its original and innovative design. It is useful as a yoga mat or table cloth. Its rounded format enhances its charm. And it can be used both at home and outside. During picnics, this element brings a touch of elegance to our place of life.

With the printed models, we benefit from a tapestry that serves as interior decoration. Its owner only has to place it on a wall so that it brings a Native American touch to the room or bedroom.  

Q3:How do I wash a beach towel?

It is possible to maintain these accessories in the washing machine. You just have to separate them from the other cloths. Use only a small dose of detergent. On the temperature side, we stay on 60 ° C. Do not use fabric softener during the procedure. To disinfect the article, do not hesitate to add a few drops of bleach for every third wash.

If you are doing it by hand, start by filling a bowl with lukewarm water and a little detergent. Let it soak for hours or overnight. In the morning, knead, stir and wring everything out. Then extend your accessory.