Best tents for burning man are difficult to choose. As, burning man is the most unique and different annual week-long experiment festival that held at anywhere in the world in temporary community. It focused on art, self-expression, and self-reliance where maximum limit of 50,000 people gathered and live for specific duration where the sun reaches the highest and the lowest point of the Earth’s axis.

Originally the festival was on beach but with time it became so popular they had to move grouping up with performance artists, they moved to Black Rock City, it’s in a harsh and unlivable location like desert. So, it is very important to pick best tents for burning man because of harsh weather and we help you in choosing these tents by giving our honest reviews which will provide you ease and comfort during your whole journey.


Best tents for burning man involves one of the gazella tents that are easy pop up, portable, waterproof and UV resistant tents with mesh windows. They have a capacity of 8 persons. Whether it’s harsh sunlight or an invasion of insects, Gazelle portable gazebos allow you to set up shelter where you need it most and enjoy the outdoors. Easy and instant you can set it up in less than 60 seconds.

It is portable ready to use and easy to transport it that comes in a convenient portable carry bag and it weighs only 34 pounds. In this tent each panel in the center of it there is a loop that you can pull tight and have your gazebo ready in no time. It comes with a little bag and a pair of poles twelve steaks so you can stake it in the ground.

  • Provide a comfortable space
  • Fast set up
  • All weather resistant
  • Heavy duty material
  • It is a kind of windy
  • Takes lot of space to carry in a travel bag


It is a lightweight, waterproof portable travel tents for camping or hiking. It has capacity of 1-3 persons. Only minutes are required in set up and take down with the aluminum poles. It is double layer tent that prevents from leaking. There have two doors for in and out. two windows, inner mesh layer and opened door to circulate the air.

  • Easy set up
  • Ventilated
  • So small to carry
  • Portable and light weight
  • Not much heat resistant


Best tents for burning man also involves the Eureka desert canyon camping tent. It is three season tent that is ideal for backyards, festivals and family camps. It is a cabin style tent which provides the most space and easiest setup. It is built to withstand wind and weather. There are near vertical walls that create an ideal spacious interior. It provides you a complete dry entryway open-walled sunshade and three layers of non-slip material to keep campers in place even on sloped surfaces.

  • It gives 25 percent more interior and living space then other cabin style tents
  • It is made up of durable, steel and fiberglass frame.
  • It has a giant shade structure so you can use it for summer
  • It has moveable gear caddy
  • The two big side windows are closed with toggles, instead of zippers, so you don’t get as much flexibility with how much they are open
  • The windows are only on three walls, instead of all four


Best tents for burning man also include king camp Melfi plus SUV car tent which is a three seasons tent. It has capacity of four to six persons. It is multifunctional, waterproof and windproof that is suitable for camping or traveling.

  • It has unique design because of the removable inner and door awnings that allows you use the flysheet alone as a canopy under the sunshine.
  • It is more durable as it is made up of 190T polyester
  • It has lightweight portable zipper carry bag with handles for easy transport and storage.
  • This tent is easy to set up
  • Difficult in orientation
  • Does not have side screens in the actual sleeping tent and limited air flow


It is the largest sports pod pop up tent for up to 4 people. There is pop up pod for rain wind cold bugs and it is bubble tent with clear and mesh windows and contain weather pods for sports. It is made of high-end polyester fabric and is double stitched. It has waterproof floor and extra-large zippers make the Fofana Pod a durable investment It is the largest pod you can get.

It has enough space for two chairs or even a four-person bench. You will really enjoy the extra legroom. It stays dry and warm. This super portable tent sets up and take down quickly with an automatic frame without the need to struggle a mess of tricky wires.

  • Light weight just ten pounds that provide effortless transport
  • Clear and easy to follow instructions
  • Top quality construction
  • Quick and easy to use
  • All season protection
  • Stay dry and warm
  • Sometime the clear plastic windows may be melted at very hot temperature.


Best tents for burning man include Moon Lence camping tent that have capacity of two, four or six persons. It is a double layer outdoor tent that is waterproof and windproof. It is made up of 100 percent polyester. It also gives all round protection as it comprises of 190T PU material that provides 1000mm water resistance and excellent UV resistance. Its double layer provides stronger resistance to harsh weather.

It has large section of mesh and 1D-shaped doors with dual zippers. A ground vent and two windows provide much better ventilation that increase air circulation to help you stay cool and comfortable. It has two shock cord connecting poles with clips on tent make it easy to set the tent up. Even only one people can set up the tent less in fifteen minutes.

  • Breathable & Stable
  • Easy to Setup
  • More durable
  • Design for everyone
  • Safe and comfortable
  • The tent is extremely hard to get back in the bag


This tent is for one to three persons that has UPF50+ for UV protection and waterproof sun shelters for family camping, beach, fishing and picnic. It is made up of special silver coated fabric around the full coverage keeping you and your family away from the damage of the strong sunshine. All materials are non-toxic, odorless and manufactured to international standards and safe enough for adults and children.

The beach shade comes in a portable carrying bag that provides easy set up and fold up. The Double dense interwoven mesh design allows you to shelter from the summer hot wind, external sand pockets and six metal nails keep the tent safely weighted down to the ground.

  • Pop up automatically with no assembling required
  • Cool and breathable in the heat of the summer heat
  • Lightweight at only 2 pounds
  • The flame-resistant nylon fabric that protects your family from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Great effort is required in folding the tent up and getting it back into the bag.


What is the importance of tent in camping?

In order to enjoying your camping to the fullest without any obstruction, a camping tent always required. It gives you complete protection against wind, rain, and sun with full coverage from all sides. During sleeping inside the tent, you can seal up the tent to prevent the rain from entering inside.

What to know before buying a tent?

You should have an idea about your own usage that involves size and weight of tent. You should have an idea about camping weather.

When’s the best time to buy a tent?

The best time of the year to buy a tent is when the camping season is about to end for the vast majority of people. This is usually late fall to early winter.


Best tents for burning man have many varieties, so it is up to your choice that which one is reliable for you because it is very basic need in your journey. We made easy for you to choose by giving our honest review on the above-mentioned tents after doing so much research. So, pick up a right tent and have a safe and sound journey with the enjoyment of your perfect tent.

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