Folding Wagons

There are so many ways to do a work, why not pick the easy one here we present you a custom sized folding wagons with wheels and a handle to control which is framed with stainless aluminum which is so strong and light in weight. There are the few details for the introduction what you will find next will make you more excited and will definitely make you buy one for yourself. This wagon is one of the most amazing and luxurious utility one can have, it can easily be moved from one point to another with lots of benefits.  

It is so easy to handle and carry the wagon the reason is that it only weights around 264 pounds in standard which make it more comfortable to move when its fully occupied and filled with all they carriable things you desire to carry. 

How can this Wagon help you? So, let’s start with the benefits we can have with this Folding Wagons which works pretty well, firstly you can putt tools or supplies for keeping them in reach while you are working that will definitely save your lot of time and effort to find all your tools from different place from your surroundings. Secondly, it can mainly be used for the purpose of gardening or working in yard or may be any other place. Finally, you will be happy to know that it can also be used for family purposes. Where you can go out with children for picnic and keeping your children and eatables safe at one place in your wagon. 

Let’s talk about what we actually get from this wagon; 

1: Comfortable Handling and Accessories: 

  • First of all, let’s talk about how it works and move. It consists of 4 Solid rubber wheels which makes it easy to move from one place to another and gives a good grip on the sloppy are where they do not get dis balanced and stays safe on slanting angles. 
  • The wheels can give 360 front swivels where you can turn it according to your choice and have good grip on it. 
  • It also has 4-wheel breaks this is again for the safety of your children and your valuables, if you require a parking of wagon so either you are on the handle side or the opposite side you can apply breaks from both the sides. 
  • Mostly on the beaches or picnic out on a sunny day there is too much sunlight where you need to have shade for little ones or for the food items you have stored in the wagon for that purpose it comes with a sun shade canopy which gives a good shade. 
  • The adjustable stroller is also a good feature which gives a good control for the person of long or short height. 
  • It comes with a rear basket where you can store the valuables and have them safe at one place. 
  • There is also a cool bag for storing beverages as you are out for a whole long day. It may not give you a result like a fridge but will keep the drinks at the better temperature to be consumed. 
  • Premium plastic handle this is the main part when it comes for the maneuverability of the wagon. 
  • There is also a push handle on the other side which is used if the load is too much so you can use the bigger handle to keep it going. 
  • For the comfort of children and little kids there is a rear door for them to jump in and out of the wagon very easily. 
  • There is a rear extension tray for portably keeping the things which are required frequently or you want to keep them in the easy access. 
  • Safety comes first So, for that there comes a safety seatbelt where the toddlers are kept safe in the Folding Wagons.

2: Assembling: 

Here is the instruction to follow for the assembling the folding wagon. 

unclip and rotate rear canopy rods to the upright position open clamps on tray lock clamps onto the frame at the rear of the wagon unzip an open rear door your wagon can now carry oversized loads or provide extra legroom for passengers to stretch out tray folds up when not in use to remove tray release clamps from frame zip-up rear door if canopy is not in use rotate canopy rods to down position and secure in clips to use the tray for entertainment or snacks unclip and rotate rear canopy rods to upright position turn tray upside down and turn inside-out lock clamps onto the frame at the rear of the wagon use hook and loop straps on bottom of tray to further secure the tray to the frame of the wagon to remove tray release clamps from frame. 

3: Collapsible for space saving: 

The folding wagons is equipped with a simple folding/unfolding mechanism, if not in use could be closed and cab be collapsed down for saving space.  

The folded-down wagons could be sided and slips easily into the inclined space or could be stored very easily into stores or in-house corners. 

4: Accessories: 

  • Canopy 
  • Seatbelts 
  • Inflatable Padded Seat Cushion 
  • Bug Net 
  • Rain Cover 
  • Cold Weather Cover 
  • Storage Cover / Travel Cover 
  • Extension Tray 
  • Replacement Fabric 

All accessories are interchangeable between the Titanium Series and Silver Series. 

5: Weight and loading capacity: 

Titanium Series weighs about 34 lbs. and the Silver Series weighs about 33lbs. 

Both can carry up to 150lbs. The Titanium Series is about 2.5″ higher which may make loading and unloading a little easier on the back.