Top 5 Toddler Table and Chairs Australia

In this article we analysis about toddler table and chairs Australia. As with everything about our children, we necessarily want to offer the best to our dear blond heads. If advice abounds on much more widespread products such as cribs or high chairs, parents find little advice on choosing the ideal table for their child. And yet, it is a decision that involves important criteria! Our full article is there to inform your research and suggest our best finds.

Why buy a table for your child’s bedroom?

Children’s tables have so many uses that it is difficult for parents who have them to remember how they used to do it. A table initially serves as a simple decoration, but is useful very quickly for the first drawings of sir or miss. We therefore first find him an artistic role where baby can express himself without the help of an adult.

Mimicry is very important for the good development of a child; they reproduce our behaviors to know how to react with their environment.

In addition to serving all your games, a table can also be used as a support, for example to put the clothes prepared the day before for the next day. So, at his height, the child will certainly want to dress alone.

Also, a table at the height of the child can become a real ritual at snack time. Your child will be very proud to be able to eat on their own table, “like the grownups”!

You will understand, the children’s table is an essential piece of furniture for your child, to develop his creativity and independence. You can even be part of their world by taking “tea” from time to time with them, they will be happy to make a place for you between their bear and their doll!

Toddler Table and Chairs Australia

Labebe – Wood Table Set for Kids

toddler table and chairs australia

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Little ones who appreciate the animals of the forest and who have a room decorated on this theme will love this set of a table and two chairs, one orange and the other ice blue. A small fox and a squirrel decorate this furniture as cute as practical.

Know that if you are not really fond of these animals, other colors exist, with other animals, such as owls or hedgehogs.

The corners of the chairs and the table are rounded for maximum security. Both the wood and the paint comply with European standards for toys. Also, the screws are hidden to avoid tempting our little DIY enthusiasts to injure themselves while playing with them.

Users validate this set! Stable, pretty, it stands the test of time and is very easy to assemble. The little extra is a system of skates under the feet of these pieces of furniture to avoid noise when your child wants to move them!

Liberty House Toys Table and Chairs

toddler table and chairs australia

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This set of table and two plastic chairs is very colorful, and the design is very rounded and will suit the most adventurous children. The plastic makes these pieces of furniture light but still solid. Bright colors and stability are particularly appreciated by buyers. Since the furniture is plastic, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (watch out for extreme weather conditions like the sun or frost if you use it in the garden).

On the other hand, the lightness of the material is not unanimous, given the ability of the child to push the table during its use.

ECR4Kids 30-Inch Round Natural Hardwood Table

Top 5 Toddler Table and Chairs Australia 1

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This set of a table and two chairs is very classic and will go perfectly with all possible decorations of children’s rooms. These pieces of furniture are made of wood and seem very robust. The weight of 6kg can be a bit light for older children.

Also, according to users, the table top does not seem solid enough, but it still seems to stand the test of time! Cleaning is very easy but the worst enemy of this set is water, which is absorbed by the wood. So for painting sessions, don’t forget to cover this table with a plastic tablecloth!

Round Storage Table & 2 Chair Set

Top 5 Toddler Table and Chairs Australia 2

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This simple white table will please parents who have a neutral and unisex decoration. Your child will be able to adapt perfectly to all of your child’s projects, and this white canvas allows you to write the most beautiful stories! This children’s table represents the classic of any child’s bedroom.

If you want to complete the range, you can also find chairs, or even better, perfectly matched small benches, which also serve as a toy chest. Seats are sold separately. This table will adapt to young and old and the solid wood that composes it makes it essential. The users are generally satisfied with it, the assembly however seems to require a few tools and the D system.

The advantages of the table designed for children

In this article we talk about toddler table and chairs Australia. In a child’s room, the furniture is used most of the time for us, parents. Whether it is the changing table, the wardrobe or even the dresser, baby does not really have any interest in staying in a room that has so little furniture to play with!

The table is certainly the first piece of furniture that is offered to it that is at its height. It is therefore an object which adapts to it and contributes to make it grow, and which it will later associate with play, but also with work, since it will spend whole hours there because of the sacrosanct duties!

At the purely decorative level, a room with a table very clearly indicates that the room is dedicated to your child, it is his territory, his house. So, you can offer him his first moments of independence, to draw the time that Dad cooks, or to play with plasticine while Mommy finishes his yoga session.

How to choose a table + chair set for your child?

The criteria are multiple, since it is a piece of furniture for children, we must be extra vigilant. Our first piece of advice for choosing a table and chair set for your toddler is to take quality. Buying the first unauthorized price may cause you hassle or even hospital stays.

A toddler table and chairs Australia set must be completely stable, without offering the ability to swing, and made with rounded edges and corners. Resistance is also a crucial question, since the first idea that your child will have when he sees the table, it will certainly be to climb on it. Then choose a robust mobilizer that supports its weight.

Adapt the height of this furniture to the size of your child. He or she should not have his knees in the chin when sitting down, but neither should his feet touch the ground! Choosing the right height for a table and chairs ensures your toddlers a correct and ergonomic seat.

Also, consider the maintenance of this furniture. Pencil strokes will not be uncommon, so avoid taking furniture with non-washable fabric, it could create mold and become toxic. Instead, select materials that can only be cleaned with soapy water. Finally, our last tip for choosing a table and a chair for your child is to adapt it to the ambient decoration, while keeping a certain timelessness so that the whole remains harmonious in the event of major changes (new painting, moving , uses for future brothers and sisters…)

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